Verdanterra Celebrates Another Year Incident Free

Safety is a top priority at Verdanterra and we take great pride in our excellent safety record.

Promoting safety awareness and providing proper safety training is the basis behind our S.A.F.E. Program (Safety Awareness For Excellence). Internal training, client and jobsite specific training, hazard recognition, proper personal protective equipment (PPE), and stop-work authority are just a few examples of our commitment to safety and promoting a culture of safety within the company. All employees are responsible for and contribute to their own safety, as well as their team members around them.

The actions of our employees making smart, informed decisions while staying focused and maintaining a safe work environment has led to client recognition of our outstanding safety performance. As a result, Verdanterra is celebrating our sixth year incident free.

We currently maintain an “A” with all connected clients in ISNetworld.

Our impeccable safety record since inception speaks to our safety policies and culture with our employees.