Celebrating Five Years of Success

It’s been five years since I left my position at a large, international consulting firm to start my own environmental consulting company in Madison, Wisconsin – Verdanterra. My team and I have learned many lessons over the past five years—some the hard way—and have gained good friends and experiences along the way. When reflecting back on where we started, we have a lot to be proud of.

Verdanterra initially was focused on the Oil & Gas industry, but in the last few years we have steadily added electric transmission, renewable energy, and land development clients. We have also grown geographically, adding offices in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis to meet the demands of our clients in the Midwest and in Appalachia. In addition to environmental consulting, we now provide civil engineering and land survey services.

In the next five years, we look forward to increasing our involvement with current clients by providing more operations and maintenance support. Also, we intend to increase our geographic footprint further south, and to continue to adapt to our clients’ changing demands. These objectives are secondary to the most important area of growth – hiring hardworking, intelligent, and innovative employees who strive to make a difference in how our clients execute their projects. Truthfully, that is how we’ve achieved our success so far and it will be how we will fuel our growth in the future.

Throughout my life, I have always loved learning and challenging myself. I have been fortunate to learn from and grow with my colleagues at Verdanterra over the last five years – more than I could have imagined. I am excited to see what the next five years will bring. I hope they will be filled with opportunities to grow and offer more challenges to learn from.

Jonathan Ryan
President, Verdanterra